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The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that 299,700 babies were born in Australia in 2014, and of these, 91,074 babies were born in NSW. CIAP provides a range of easy to access resources relevant to maternity and neonatal care, to support NSW Health staff in their provision of evidence-based care to pregnant women, mothers, babies and their families and communities. CIAP also provides resources for professional development and education, as well as research and topical information.

CIAP's Maternity Specialty Guide is an excellent place to browse a few recommended resources. Here you will find links to the Ovid Maternity & Infant Care Database, and LactMed (Drugs and Lactation Database), as well as selected journals and ebooks.

One of these ebooks is Williams Obstetrics, 24e (2014). This comprehensive and evidence-based text comprises basic obstetrics, obstetrical complications, principles of female reproduction, and evidence-based clinical practice summaries. It features close to 900 illustrations, graphs and images, and Appendices with useful tables on lengths and measurements. Note the Features column to the right of the Chapters list, where you will see links to multimedia videos and downloadable PowerPoint presentations. This is a regular feature of eBooks on Access Medicine and adds great educational value for clinicians.

Another recommended eBook is Briggs Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation. In this text, drugs are listed alphabetically with recommendations regarding each drug's use in pregnancy and breastfeeding, along with foetal risks, and references. The final chapter is a printable Appendix of Drugs by Pharmacologic Category.

For additional information about the use of drugs in pregnancy and lactation, and for neonates, select the green ‘More’ button in the medications panel found on the CIAP homepage, which will open a page of recommended medication resources by topic area. These recommendations have been made in collaboration with the NSW Medicines Information Centre.

A link to the K2MS Online Perinatal Training Program is also available in the Maternity Specialty Guide.

For systematic reviews on relevant topics, a resource with a strong clinical focus is BMJ Clinical Evidence, accessible through 'Evidence-Based Practice' on CIAP’s left menu. This resource opens up with a list of subjects on which reviews have been undertaken, including Child Health, Pregnancy and Childbirth, Sexual Health, Women's Health and various other topics. Click on the hyperlink to see the list of reviews in your chosen topic area.

To explore a BMJ Clinical Evidence systematic review, click on its title and note the menu ribbon under the title. This menu provides short cuts to Interventions, Key Points, and more. Just below that, you will see the clinical questions addressed by the review. Hyperlinks provide access to component parts of the review, while clicking on the small arrows in the centre panel links to explanatory information.

In the Maternity Specialty Guide under 'Journals', note the Australian & New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology. Click on this to reach the current edition of the journal, where all articles are available in full text. On the left of the current edition, you will see an archive of previous editions, which you can browse. To subscribe to an electronic table of contents for this journal, look for the word eTOC on the top right, click on it and provide your email details. Each time the journal is published you will receive an email containing its table of contents with links to articles.

To search for other journals, select ‘Journals’ in CIAP’s left menu. Choose one of the popular journals listed or click on the green ‘Full Journal List’ button and use the search box to find a specific journal or browse by subject.

CIAP contains many useful and relevant resources. To learn more about them, visit the Learning Centre for to register for a workshop, or explore the user guides, elearning modules and video tutorials. Viewing past newsletters may also give you some helpful tips.

BMJ Best Practice

CIAP Update

Disease and Condition Monograph Updates in BMJ Best Practice

BMJ Best Practice has updated over 50 disease and condition monographs over the past month. Recently updated topics include Cervical cancer, Child abuse, Miscarriage, Urinary incontinence in women, and Autism spectrum disorder.

To view the full list of updated topics, open BMJ Best Practice from ‘Diseases & Conditions’ from CIAP's left menu and then click on the ‘View latest 50 updated topics’ button. From this list you can select the blue topic name links to view the full content.

BMJ Best Practice topic monographs are easy to navigate and provide detailed information on the diagnosis and treatment of the disease or condition. Where available, links to systematic reviews through BMJ Clinical Evidence will be provided. Additional useful resources available include printable patient handouts and clinical images.

CIAP's Knowledge Centre provides a comprehensive user guide about the features of BMJ Best Practice. Four video tutorials including an introduction, nurses tutorial, clinicians tutorial and junior doctors tutorial are also available to watch on your computer. For more comprehensive training and the ability to speak with a trainer and ask questions, a live online training session is provided each month. The next one is scheduled on 21 April at 13:00. You can register to attend in the ‘Live Online Training’ section of CIAP's Knowledge Centre.

British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Article in Focus

Intimate partner violence during pregnancy and the risk for adverse infant outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis

British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology 123(5): publish ahead of print March 2016


This review evaluated the relationship between intimate partner violence (IPV) during pregnancy and the risk of preterm birth (PTB), low-birthweight (LBW), and small-for-gestational-age (SGA) infants.

The meta-analysis indicated that women who experienced IPV during pregnancy are at increased risk of having a PTB, and an LBW or an SGA infant. IPV was significantly associated with PTB and LBW.

Access the full text of this review by clicking the green ‘Full Journal List’ button though ‘Journals’ in CIAP’s left menu. Type ‘BJOG’ into the search box and select the journal link that is returned.

Gems on CIAP

Neonatal Intensive Care – clinical decision-making

The full text of the ebook Death or Disability?: The ‘Carmentis Machine’ and decision-making for critically ill children, by Dominic Wilkinson, is available on CIAP. Dr. Wilkinson is the Associate Professor of Neonatal Medicine and Bioethics at the University of Adelaide, and a practising physician specialising in newborn intensive care and medical ethics.

This book, published in 2013, looks at the new forms of neuroimaging that are increasingly used to predict the outcome for seriously ill newborn infants and children. These predictions play a major role in decision-making to continue or withdraw treatment in intensive care. For all NSW clinicians faced with these difficult decisions, Dr. Wilkinson provides a valuable clinician/ethicist perspective.

Access this online book by clicking the green ‘Full Book List’ button though ‘Books & Dictionaries’ in CIAP's left menu. Type ‘Death or Disability’ into the search box and select the book link that is returned.

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