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About Us

NSW TAG is an independent, not-for-profit association. Our members are clinical pharmacologists, pharmacists and other clinicians from the teaching hospitals of NSW and affiliated academic units.

Our goal is:

  • To promote quality use of medicines by sharing unbiased, evidence-based information about drug therapy

Our objectives are:

  • To investigate and evaluate new initiatives in therapeutics
  • To support drug and therapeutics committees
  • To promote rational, high quality, cost-effective use of medicines in public hospitals and the wider community

NSW TAG has endorsed the following strategies to achieve these objectives:

  • To develop position statements and guidelines for the rational use of specific drugs and drug groups
  • To collect and analyse quantitative and qualitative drug usage data
  • To develop and utilise specific strategies to influence prescribing behaviour and provide a counter-balance to industry promotion
  • To describe and monitor the activities and decision-making of drug committees to improve equity, to increase transparency and to promote peer review/support
  • To assess the impact of new pharmaceuticals on quality of patient care in the hospital system
  • To disseminate information to stakeholders and educate identified target groups
  • To provide advice on therapeutic matters to NSW Health
  • To undertake projects on behalf of NSW Health according to availability of resources
  • To conduct and facilitate research pertinent to the quality use of medicines
  • To facilitate provision of economic analyses and critical appraisal of pharmacoeconomic studies

NSW TAG is funded by the NSW Ministry of Health.