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Resources for evaluation of new medicines

DTC Formulary Submission and IPU Application Templates

NSW TAG has developed templates and accompanying tools to assist hospital Drug and Therapeutics Committees in systematic, evidence-based review and decision-making about applications for new medicines or new indications in accordance with NSW Health Policy Directive PD2008_037: Evaluation of Medicines for Use in Public Hospitals.

The formulary submission and IPU application template were updated in December 2009 based on feedback from the NSW TAG membership and clinicians working in NSW public hospitals. The updates included prompts for the inclusion of PBAC public summary documents, where relevant, and the acknowledgement of the multidiscplinary nature of these forms.

Evaluation of these documents is ongoing and modifications will be considered as required. Feedback about the tools and suggestions for improvement are very welcome.

Templates and Tools

High Use IPU Medicines

In general, hospitals have been recommended to consider adding to formulary those medicines which have had more than three IPU applications approved. However many of these medicines are expensive and use requires ongoing monitoring to ensure there are no cost blowouts. Some hospitals have developed streamlined IPU forms to facilitate DTC approval processes for these medicines but ensure that outcomes are monitored and DTC continues to have oversight of the medicines use.
Below are examples of steamlined IPU forms from St Vincent’s Hospital: