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NSW TAG prepares independent and objective information resources for Drug and Therapeutics Committees, clinicians and other health professionals.

An outline of the development process for all NSW TAG guidance documents (written during and after 2015) can be downloaded here: PDF ~ 226 KB  |  MS_Word ~ 26 KB

Therapeutic Guidance Documents

Therapeutic Guidance documents are intended to provide recommendations to hospital DTCs about the place in therapy of a particular medicine or class of medicines and should assist in local formulary management and policy development. They are peer-reviewed and evidence-based. Current Therapeutic Guidance Documents can be accessed here.

Therapeutic Review Documents

A therapeutic review document (previously known as a targeted literature review) provides a rapid collation of published literature evidence to support DTC decision making. It does provides a critical evaluation of the literature but does not make recommendations about place in therapy of the medicine in question. It can be produced much more quickly than a position statement, and is therefore of value to DTCs in managing formulary decisions. Current therapeutic review documents can be accessed here.

Other Guidance

NSW TAG also develops:

  • Practical Guidance for clinicians including general practitioners based on the best available evidence or expert consensus where research evidence is lacking [accessed here].
  • Discussion papers to assist public hospitals in formulating local policy, templates and literature reviews, and draft papers for comment [accessed here].

Archived Documents

All NSW TAG Therapeutic Guidance Documents and other documents considered 'not current' have been archived and are listed here.

Other Resources