What are the expectations of a CIAP Clinical Champion?

You will be able to advise your colleagues about how and where to get additional help and assist in promoting CIAP educational events in your LHD when possible.

What are the benefits of being a CIAP Clinical Champion?

Being a CIAP Clinical Champion will offer you a number of valuable opportunities. These include:

  • An ongoing professional development opportunity
  • A chance to participate in evidence-based care activities in your department
  • An opportunity to proactively contribute to CIAP, which is a state-wide clinical program
  • A way to learn more about delivering clinical education
  • A chance to share your knowledge
  • Networking opportunities with other CIAP Clinical Champions
  • Where appropriate, a chance to present at CIAP Workshops
  • A great way to learn more and more about the CIAP resources.

Do I need to be an expert user of CIAP?

You do not need to be an expert user, though it is hoped that with support you will develop a sound working knowledge of CIAP over time.

What support will be provided to CIAP Clinical Champions?

CIAP Clinical Champions will be provided with resources including master copies of User Guides and CIAP Brochures, as well as multiple copies for distribution. In addition, a CIAP Learning Pathway will be provided to assist you with planning your own and your colleagues’ skills development. CIAP will conduct quarterly WebEx meetings for Clinical Champions, structured around partners’ learning or training needs and will provide updates about resources and opportunities to network with CIAP Clinical Champions from other LHDs.

How do I become a CIAP Clinical Champion?

If you are interested in becoming a CIAP Clinical Champion please contact the CIAP Team.