This module has introduced you to concepts and skills for conducting effective searches in an Ovid database. If you have worked your way sequentially through this module you will now be able to navigate the Ovid search page and select a search function such as Basic, Advanced, or Author search depending on the information and evidence that you require. You will recognise and be able to utilise features of these search functions, along with Boolean Operators and limits, to support and direct your search. You will be able to save and export your results in a variety of ways.

Review the Learning Outcomes for this module and reflect on the learning you have achieved. You might like to reflect on the following questions and/ or consider your own:

  • Have I achieved the learning outcomes, and how well?
  • How will I apply my learning to my work or study?
  • What is my plan moving forward? (For example, execute my search strategy in a selected database, apply limits, share my learning, conduct a literature search, and so on).